Thanks to our Sponsors 2008

Thank you to our annual sponsors this year, last year, and in 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003 - without you we would not be able to achieve our mission.

Growth of the Fund and its programs depends on the generosity of everyone who shares our commitment to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

We welcome your support!

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Note: OPAF updates this page regularly.
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This year, OPAF has received grants from:

Wadsworth Golf Charities Foundation

United States Tennis Association - Tennis Education Foundation
United States Tennis Association Middle States Section

United States Golf Association

OPAF Annual Gold Sponsors
Contributions $10,000+
Otto Bock
Otto Bock

OPAF Annual Bronze Sponsors
Contributions $2,500+

American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics

OPAF Annual Patron Sponsors
Contributions $1,000+

Cascade USA

OandP Enterprises
OandP Enterprises

Michael and Robin Burton
Martin J. Carlson, CPO, FAAOP

OPAF Annual Signature Sponsors
Contributions $500+


Cailor Fleming Insurance

Hanger Orthopedic Group

Kempfer Prosthetics Orthotics

Harry J. Lawall & Son

Allard USA

Jeffrey J.Collins. CPA

Tandem Orthotics & Prosthetics


Florida Brace Corporation
Florida Brace Corporation


J.W. "Bill" Limehouse, CP, FAAOP

Annual Friends of the Fund
Contributions up to $500

Good Search
Freedom Fabrication
James & Janice Russ
Horst Behner
Jane Goodspeed
Armand Crupi
Donald S. Davis, Sr.
Jean L. Little
Leimkuehler, Inc.
Rob & Toni Kaloustian
Jason Wening, CP
David & Jennifer Voutsinas
JoAnne Cohen
Abilities Unlimited
Robert & Virginia Manfredi, Sr., CPO, CPed
Christofer Mowrer, CPO
Lisa Arbogast
Gay B. Molnar
Anne Moss Anderson
Jennifer Fayter
Bardach-Schoene Company
Kathy Feldman
Kathy Feldman
PEL Supply Company
Elizabeth Mansfield
Joseph & Fern LaRocca
Brad Mattear
SPT Technology, Inc.
Darren Donnelly, CO
Bob Arbogast

and in memory of Stephanie Geremia
Abigail Lauterborn
Alan Richbell
Alicia Casper
Ana Rabadan
Angela Jackson
Carol M. Syme
Carrie and Gerry Reny
Charyl and Frank Cammarota
Craig & Kelly Ann Weimer
David Mancuso
Debra & Scott Smith
Donald Compitello
Jeffrey and Valerie Boyd
Jenifer Dyer
Jill Houlden
Jodi Newberry
John and Janice Kardos
Judith McKeon
Judith Meserve
Judy & John McGrath
Kerin OLeary
Lee & Molly Rinker
Matt and Maria Cammarota
Matthew & Kathleen Slater
Michelle Manrique
Mrs. Davies
Mrs. Johnson
Natalie Janson
Natalie Johnson
Oscar Torres
Patrice Roehl
Peter Clayton
Ronald Poirier
Scott and MaryRose McGrath
Sean and Patty McGrath
Stan & Fran Kramer
Suffolk Construction Company
The Aiello Family
The Bailen Family
The Beltrano Family
The Carrillo Family
The Civitella Family
The Gilbert Family
The Gordish Family
The Grenci Family
The Leitten Family
The Murray Family
The Owens Family
The Przysinda Family
The Tribuiani Family
The Wilt Family
The Zoeller Family
Theordore & Arlene Weimer
Todd and Maryann McGrath

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