Tennis Star in the Makings!

On Sunday, December 2, First Volley instructor Stan Backovsky participated in the Run and Roll tennis tournament at the Balboa Tennis Club in San Diego. This was a fun round-robin tournament that matched up standing and wheelchair players for an afternoon of doubles tennis. Participants played 20 minutes and then switched partners for the next 20 minutes, keeping individual scores. The tournament was a fundraiser for the San Diego Adaptive Sports Foundation (Marla Knox). They are looking to start up a wheelchair tennis program.

Frank Elliott, a First Volley veteran from the Mutual Amputee Aid Foundation clinics in Redondo Beach, drove all the way from Bakersfield for the tournament, played very well, and won second place in the wheelchair rankings! I think we can consider him a fully degreed graduate of the First Volley University (he has a nice plaque to prove it). Of course we expect him to keep coming to the University for Post-graduate Work.

Kudos to Stan for all his instruction at the MAAF First Volley clinics and to Amy McKnight for all the one-on-one instruction with Frank and for providing insider scoop on the most effective sneaky shots.

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