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First Swing Learn to Golf Training and Clinic

First Swing Learn to Golf is a program of the National Amputee Golf Association (NAGA). The clinic is divided into a morning session for local therapists and golf teaching professionals and an afternoon session for individuals with amputation and those with mobility or range of motion issues.

The morning session includes hands on instruction to help therapists and golf pros teach adaptive golf as part of the rehabilitation offerings. The session covers balance, grip, and range of motion issues, adaptive golf equipment and adaptive golf technique.

The afternoon session brings together clinic participants, therapists and golf pors and is designed to show clinic participants how golf can be part of their ongoing rehabilitation and recreation pursuits. First Swing provides instruction on adaptive techniques and equipment. Through First Swing adaptive instruction, participants will learn how best to use their arms, shoulders, legs, upper back and core muscles to get back in the game.

First Swing is offered free of charge to all participants; however, registration is required to make sure that we have equipment for everyone. Golf is a popular leisure sport that fosters relationships, reduces stress and aids weight loss.

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What People Are Saying

September 16, 2017 - Tampa, FL
"An Awesome Experience!"
- Wanda Thomas Hawkins, RT
"Super Job! Renewed my confidence in golf."
- Gary Sheppeard, Amputee
"Expected to us a Solo Rider Golf Cart. Circumstances were explained."
- Keith Stephenson, Caregiver
"An Excellent practical knowledge translation."
- Stephanie Hart-Hughes, PT
"Well organized with great staff. Interesting instructor. I’ve learned a lot and have new material for my tool box to help others. Thank you!
- Aryn Mullins, PT student
"Always want more time!"
- Michael Cornell, CTRS, VA
"Excellent instructor! Very knowledgeable. Everyone was very helpful."
- Jordan Mitchell, PT Student
"Very nicely put together."
- Briana King, PT student
"Great job!"
- Keri Davis, PT Student
"I feel confident enough to help people get back to golf."
- Tamika Hawkins, PT Student
September 11, 2015 - Boise, Idaho
"Awesome clinic. Learned a lot about golf accessibility that I can take back to our inpatient unit."
- Cindy Castro, CTRS
"Thanks for the info and additional resources!"
- Ann Wildman, CTRS
"Simple and Clear instructions."
- John Ibarra, CPO
"Great Clinic. Thank you!"
- Kate Brookshire
"I never thought I would golf again. I really liked the Solo Rider golf cart."
- Stephen Pratt, participant
"An Amazing Time! Great People."
- Diane Thomas, participant
"Appreciate Rehab Systems for all they do every day. Well done!"
- Dennis Mesler, participant
"Robin, WC and Bob were all great - very friendly and nice to work with. Very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do."
- Rod Smith, Coyote Design
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