First Stride and First Things First

First Stride and First Things First provides physical therapists, prosthetists, and individuals with lower limb loss an introduction to gait training with a prosthesis; outcome measures; and fall risk, prevention, and recovery. This clinic can help participants build confidence when walking with a prosthesis and increase their safety in the event of a fall.

The full-day training is divided into a morning session for physical therapists and prosthetists and an afternoon session for physical therapists and individuals with lower limb loss.

The morning session includes a review of the gait cycle and Medicare’s K-Level functional level classification system and the various types of prosthetic feet and knees and their capabilities. Fall risk and fall prevention will also be discussed.

The afternoon session brings together physical therapists and individuals with lower limb loss. Clinic participants will be taught exercises to help build core strength and walk more effectively with a prosthesis. The clinic instructor will demonstrate how to fall and how to recover from a fall. Individual participants are encouraged to join in this practice session.

First Stride and First Things First is offered free of charge to all participants. However, registration is required.

Upcoming First Stride Clinics

August 25, 2018

First Stride Training & Clinic

9:00 am - 3:00 pm EDT

Norton Orthopaedic and Hand Center

Louisville, KY

Sponsored by Center for O&P Care


What People Are Saying

Atlanta, Georgeia
"I enjoyed the examples of specific exercises that were provided."
- Jayme Astarita, PT student
"Exposure to exercises that can be applied directly to clinical practice was great. Hearing the perspective of a prosthetist also. Perhaps some videos of actual amputees performing the exercises to help visualize the techniques better—demonstrations were great regardless."
- Rachel Phillips, PT Student
"Applying the treatment pre and post prosthetic leg and bring in actual patients."
- Anonymous
"Really enjoyed this course. Would like techniques to incorporate into evaluation and treatment."
- Anonymous
"Liked the links to componentry to PT aspects, treatment ideas and demonstrations."
- Lindsey Smith, DPT
"Excellent instructor. Patient video from both PT side and O&P."
- Anonymous
"Wide Range of Information. More specific exercise and gait training. Less specific prosthetic info when presenting to O&P."
- Ryan Basler, CP, LP
"Chris was incredibly knowledgeable, engaging and fun to listen to."
- Anonymous
"The instructor was very knowledgeable and excited about the subject matter. She explained everything really well. Would like more videos to illustrate topic of discussion."
- Sika Ametu, DPT
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
"Enthusiastic and very clear presentation. Progressive and clear. Made me feel like I could do this! Wish is could only be longer. I think I would love to take a gait class from Dr. Clemens."
- Anonymous
"Please include ALL slides in handout. Dr. Clemens was great!"
- Renee Jones, PT
"Enjoyed the level of research and application of it in a clinical situation. If time allows, more clarification on knee and ankle joint types."
- Kirsten Spearman, PT
"Have all amputees participate when doing demonstrations. Only two people were used, and I would have volunteered. We need more time to practice."
- Suzanne O’Neill, Amputee
"I didn’t know it was for instructors. Very instructional, but that was okay, in fact, even better."
- Tom Jordan, Amputee
"An Excellent Program. The day went very quickly."
- Marianne Mesure, PT
"The knowledge of the instructor was excellent."
- Anonymous
"Loved the clinical applications. Need more time to see interventions."
- Anonymous
"Enjoyed the hands on having a chance to see actual patients and see and apply the learned material."
- Anonymous
"Very easy to understand the material. Bigger font please!"
- Anonymous
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