First Climb

First Climb is an introduction to adaptive rock climbing or paraclimbing. Whether a clinic is held using a portable rock wall or in a rock climbing gymnasium, First Climb introduces those facing physical or mobility challenges to the thrill of rock climbing. Both upper and lower body strength and core are built along with problem solving skills and self esteem are all part of adaptive rock climbing.

Clinics are held under the oversight of First Climb Director, Ronnie Dickson, CP or one of his First Climb staff. Working together with the local climbing community, First Climb works to insure safety and comfort as well as success for each climber. Participants can be coached from the ground and accompanied up the wall to the best outcome for each climber. We continue to challenge ourselves and our fellow climbers to be the best you can be.

"Climbing is a very accessible sport for persons with disabilities. Even if it is something that participants only do once, it will be one more experience that they have accomplished and have under their belt. The lessons learned climbing can help other obstacles in life seem smaller in comparison so I believe these clinics are an asset to helping people with disabilities overcome all of their life challenges" said Ronnie Dickson.

OPAF offers First Climb to attendees at NO CHARGE!!!

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What People Are Saying

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“Total Success! Our kids had a lot of fun and were challenged to try new things.”
- Jason Ferris, Parent
“This is an amazing organization! Motivating with a supportive group helps people get back to an active and fun life. Thank you!”
- Sanjay Das, Participant
“I volunteered and I loved it. Inspirational watching the participants rock climb”
- Jamie Vanderslice, Volunteer
“Exertion and positive energy and people is a huge lift for the spirit!”
- Tom Jordan, Participant
“Greate Experience! Look forward to coming to come.”
- Juan Cave, Volunteer
“First Climb was amazing. It was very well run and the energy was so positive. It was a wonderful time as a volunteer and I enjoyed watching the children climb. This is a wonderful organization and I love and appreciate what you do.”
- Sara Sorantino, Volunteer
“This is a wonderful opportunity for people with any type of disability! Really great!”
- Uilliam Lee, Volunteer
“It was a wonderful event and exciting for our kids to try. Will definitely participant in future events as available.”
- Louise Clark, Parent
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
“This was such a great experience and a great opportunity. I would definitely come again. Great facility.”
- Courtney Wieland, Volunteer
“This was an awesome experience. My first time climbing. Looks like a sport I’ll get into!”
- Bob McCabe, Amputee
“Great idea! Loved the experience and the opportunity to meet others. Lots of hard work was done today.”
- Lisa Saunders, Amputee
“I was highly impressed with this event.”
- Stephanie Resendez, Volunteer
“Awesome experience. Great people and instructor.”
- Raquelle Felder, Volunteer
“Beautiful facility with passionate people. It was amazing.”
- Cassidy Cunningham
“Love Spooky Nook. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable and friendly.”
- Morgan Paich, volunteer
“Everyone was great! Very encouraging and a pleasure to be around.”
- Noelle Alicea, Volunteer
“It was an amazing experience. Great job Sarah.”
- Anonymous
“Very family friendly.”
- Joe Kuhns, Amputee
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